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Nutrition industry

However, I noticed a funny thing about the [nutrition] industry;
if an idea is published enough, and if enough people accepted it,
it became true, no matter how inaccurate it really was.
Whoever said, «you can say the same lie a thousand times but it doesn’t get any
more true,» has obviously never been involved in the nutrition industry!
— Brad Pilon – Eat Stop Eat


All you can do

All you can do is all you can do,
and all you can do is enough.

نفوذ اندیشه

حرف مزخرف خریدار ندارد، پس تو که پوزه بند به دهان من میزنی،

از درستی اندیشه من، از نفوذ اندیشه من میترسی!

احمد شاملو