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حقِ دوست نداشتن

کسی که دوستش می داریم همه گونه حقی نسبت به ما دارد،
حتي حق اینکه دیگر دوست مان نداشته باشد!

جان شیفته
رومن رولان



The random act of kindness…


خواستن همیشه توانستن نیست، گاهی فقط داغ بزرگیست که تاابد بردلت میماند

I might be wrong

I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.
–Bertrand Russell


ذوقی چنان ندارد بی دوست زندگانی

The Practice of Programming

The Practice of Programming is an excellent read. Zeus saves a kitten every time I recommend it.

Random generators

3.1.2.c The ‹pain in the ass› generation

An example of this is to be found in the ‹new› LINUX kernel (have a look at the code if you dare ;)). Random generators are used to generate SEQ numbers, what makes the SEQ numbers nearly impossible to guess.


Whenever anything goes wrong, I always blame Microsoft.
Hamine ke hast ….

User friendly

Don’t be user-friendly in console applications: users aren’t friendly either.

Key to happiness

The only real key to happiness is Expectations Management.